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ServerPronto Review - Summary    

Billed as the “world’s most affordable dedicated server hosting,ServerPronto aims to have you hosted on your own dedicated, private server at the lowest price possible – and they deliver on that promise. Founded in 1999 and a subsidiary of Infolink – one of the few profitable datacenter corporations in the world – ServerPronto are experts at building and maintaining servers and networks. ServerPronto prides itself on breaking the price barrier for dedicated server hosting, and is proud to offer virtually every possible server operating system to its customers. With services available to every country in the world, over 5,000 clients and 24x7 customer support, ServerPronto is a fantastic choice for your dedicated server needs.

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ServerPronto offers an unmatched 99.999% network uptime guarantee, which means your server will see seconds – if any – downtime on an annual basis. ServerPronto’s data centers feature fully redundant connectivity, so you can rest assured that if any internet outage occurs, ServerPronto will have a backup connection to keep your server on the internet and serving up files and web pages.

Customer/Technical Support:

ServerPronto offers all of their clients 24/7/365 customer support via either their email or their trouble ticket system. ServerPronto staffs their data centers around-the-clock, so whether you’re having an issue at noon or need a server reboot at 4am, you’re safe.

You can also contact ServerPronto via phone or live support through their easy online interface.

Hosting Plans:

ServerPronto offers nine different dedicated server packages that you can choose from, depending on your needs. All of the server packages come with the option of no less than *thirty* different operating environments, ensuring that all of your websites and programs will run efficiently. Here are some of the options available at ServerPronto:

·         Starter Package – incl. 512MB DDR Ram, 40GB Storage, and 1400GB monthly data transfer

·         Starter+ Package – incl. 1.5GB DDR Ram, 80GB Storage and 2000GB monthly data transfer

·         Power Package – incl. 1.5GB DDR2 Ram, 160GB Storage and 2500GB monthly data transfer

·         Power+ Package – incl. 2GB DDR2 Ram, 250GB Storage and 3000GB monthly data transfer

·         Pro Power Package – incl. 2GB Ram, 500GB Storage and 3000GB monthly data transfer

·         Pro Storage Package – incl. 2GB Ram, 2000GB Storage and 4000GB monthly data transfer

·         Xtreme Package – incl. 4GB Ram, 1000GB Storage and 3500GB monthly data transfer

·         Xtreme+ Package – incl. 8GB Ram, 1000GB Storage and 5000GB monthly data transfer

Intel Xtreme Package – incl. 8GB Ram, 1000GB Storage and 5000GB monthly data transfer


ServerPronto has been awarded several awards for their excellent products and services in the dedicated server space, including winning a number of Top 10 Dedicated Server Company awards from 2005 through 2008.