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Figuring Out Your Requirements                                                 

First, you need to ask yourself one very important question. What features do I need? Have in mind that three most important features are sufficient web hosting space, bandwidth / monthly transfer, and uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Space or Disk Space/Storage:

Web hosting space is the amount of space you are renting to store your web site(s). For a modest personal or small business web site, 20 to 30 MB (megabytes) of web space should be enough unless it's full of photos and large files such as videos and MP3s. For example, your website has 50 modest pages that are each about 150 KB (kilobytes) including images. From this information, you can easily calculate your web space requirements: 150 KB x 50 = 7,500 KB or 7.5 MB.  Or let's say that your web site has 50 pages that are each 150 KB and has 1 more page that has 100KB of HTML and 10 large images that are each about 1MB, your web space requirements are as follows : 150 KB x 50 + 1MB x 10 + 100KB = 17,600 KB  or 17.6 MB. The basic plans offered by any of the web hosting providers found on our site will provide you with more than enough web space to store  at least  200 web sites similar in size to one from the latter example.

Bandwidth or Monthly Data Transfer:

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be transferred  from your web server to everybody who visits and surfs your web site in a month. Generally, the average small business or personal web site doesn't need much bandwidth / monthly traffic. The exception is if your web site is very popular and offers large file downloads then you have to make sure to choose the plan that offers very high or unlimited bandwidth/monthly transfer. All of the web hosting providers found on our site offer high bandwidth in their plans and some even offer the unlimited bandwidth for a very affordable price.

To calculate the bandwidth / monthly transfer usage, you need to be able to estimate number of visitors that will surf your site and how many pages an average visitor will visit. Let's use the first example from the web space calculation where a site has 50 pages and each one is about 150 KB. Let's say an average visitor visits 10 pages and in one month you have 3,000 visitors (100 a day), your bandwidth requirements are as follows: 10 x 150 KB x 3000 = 4.5 GB. The minimum bandwidth offered through web hosting providers found on our web site is 250 GB, so even a modest site from the example is way below the limit! Or let's say that you web site that has 100 KB of HTML and offers MP3 downloads where each song is about 4 MB and you have 1,000 visitors per month and each one downloads 3 songs, your bandwidth requirements are as follows: (100 KB + 4 MB x 3) x 1,000 = 12.1 GB which is still way below the bare minimum offered through web hosting providers found on our site.

Uptime Guarantee:

Uptime is a measure of time your web server is up and running. We strive to only include reviews and links to web hosting providers that offer at least %99.9 uptime guarantee. If you're making living online, you can't afford to have your site down for a long time, you will lose money and credibility. Strong online businesses may lose $10,000 an hour if their site is down. Here are some numbers from downtime calculations: %99.99 uptime = 0h:52m:35s downtime per year, %99.9 uptime = 8h:45m:56s downtime per year, %99 uptime = 87h:39m:29s downtime per year. As you can see, %99 uptime guarantee is not good enough. Over 87 hours of downtime per year may be way too much for your business.