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HostRocket Review - Summary       

Since its founding in 1999, HostRocket’s goal has been to continually reshape and influence the web hosting industry on a daily basis, by providing world-class level s of service. Co-Founder and CEO Brendan Brader has worked diligently to ensure that HostRocket is staffed with some of the best and brightest in the web hosting industry, and this has paid off in HostRocket’s high levels of customer satisfaction. HostRocket has thousands of clients in countries spotting the globe, and welcomes new clients from virtually any country on the planet.

HostRocket WebHosting  1000GB Storage                                         


With redundant OC-12 fiber optic connections to their 10,000 square foot hosting facility, HostRocket is built to provide an excellent level of performance and reliability. On paper, HostRocket’s 99.5% uptime guarantee is the industry standard and they stand behind it. However, they haven’t really had to sweat as in the past three-plus years their uptime has been a stratospheric 99.97%! HostRocket works hard to ensure that your websites are there, every single time someone wants to load them.

Customer/Technical Support:

HostRocket offers several avenues for their customers to get technical support should they run in to any issues with their hosting or web sites. For those clients that prefer to speak live with a support representative, you can get fast US based “24/7” tech support by phone, email or submitting a trouble ticket through their easy web-based interface.

For other issues, or just to learn more about how to resolve any issues that arise, HostRocket has assembled a fantastic web archive of information. The customer support forums have over 100,000 posts and thousands of customers who are actively using the forum boards to discuss all aspects of web hosting. Clients can also access the extensive frequently asked questions for quick answers to some of the more common issues that arise.

Hosting Plans:

HostRocket offers multiple hosting packages that clients can select from, based on their hosting needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting one website or one thousand websites; HostRocket has a hosting plan built for you. Here are some of the available options at HostRocket:

·         Reseller Hosting – for those wishing to host an unlimited amount of websites

o        Unlimited Disk Storage Space

o        Unlimited Data Transfer and Bandwidth

o        Unlimited Domain Names Hosted

o        Unlimited Email Accounts, Autoresponders, and Forwarding


·         Dedicated Server Hosting – for those needing to host a large amount of resource-intensive web properties


HostRocket has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout the web hosting industry for their excellent performance, tech support, and customer service. HostRocket has also been recognized for the way that they’ve evolved the web hosting industry. In 2003, HostRocket decided to allow “rollover” bandwidth, in which customers could save unused bandwidth from one month and use it the next month. In the years since, dozens of companies have adopted the same approach, showing that HostRocket is truly an innovator in the web hosting industry.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee:

HostRocket offers a “no questions asked” 14-day full money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide that HostRocket’s services are not for you, you can question and be issued a refund at any point within the first 14 days after you’ve signed up.