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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “web hosting”?
Web hosting is a service that allows you to have your website accessible to anyone who wants to view it via the Internet. Your webhost will “host” your files on a server, which will show them to users as they visit your site.

What is a “web host”?
A web host is a term for the company that provides server space for your website(s). Typically a web host will charge a monthly fee to provide a stable, consistent service for your web site to be viewed by Internet users.

What is a “domain name”?
A domain name is a name that identifies your website (or “domain”) to other computers on the internet. As opposed to being known by its numerical or “IP” address, your website can be accessed via a domain name that can be registered. Common domain names you will see end with .com (such as google.com, yahoo.com, etc.), .net, .org or country-based suffixes such as .us for USA and .ca for Canada.

What is “data transfer”?
Data transfer is a term used by web hosts to inform customers of the maximum amount of data information your website(s) can deliver over the span of a month. Websites with pictures, video files, and audio files may greatly increase the amount of data being transferred – the more data will be consumed for each user that visits the site.

What is “uptime”?
Uptime is an average measurement of the amount of time a web host’s servers are online, properly functioning and serving web pages to Internet users that try to view them. Web Hosting Summary features web hosting companies that provide a minimum of a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

What is ASP?
ASP stands for “Active Server Pages” and is an Internet scripting and coding language that was introduced by Microsoft. ASP is the standard language for programming web applications that are served from the server-side (meaning the processing happens on the server, not on your computer) of Microsoft-based web servers.

What is PHP?
PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” and is an internet scripting and coding language that is designed for producing dynamic (as opposed to the static nature of general web pages) web pages. PHP is used to program web applications that are executed from the server-side, similar to ASP.

What is CGI?
CGI or “Common Gateway Interface” is a standard Internet protocol for interfacing between applications with Internet web servers. Typically CGI is used on the server-side to respond to a request from your computer’s web browser and provide back some specific output.

What is MySQL?
MySQL or “My Structured Query Language” is a database management system, which runs as a database server and provides users with access to databases. Currently it is the most popular open-source database system.

What is MSSQL?
MSSQL stands for “Microsoft Structured Query Language” is a relational database management system originally introduced by Microsoft in 1989. MSSQL databases are run from a Windows server and typically interface to the Internet through requests made by ASP web pages.