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How to Choose a Good Domain Name                                                 

When deciding on a domain name, the first thing to have in mind is that short domain names attract attention and are easier to remember. Therefore, itís worth taking the time to get the right name.

Your first step should be to check domain name availability. You can start searching for a domain name even before you chose a web hosting provider (company). You may think that you could check if a domain name is available just by typing it into your web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, but this method of checking takes longer and it does not give you definitive results. Someone can buy a domain name without setting up a web site, so even if you canít find a web site using your browser, the domain name may not be available.

The right way to check availability is to use a domain name search tool such as the one provided at the bottom of this page.

Soon, you will find out that most short and catchy domain names are not available. However, you may have success with slightly longer and more specific names. If you really want one of the short, clever domains or more specific names that have already been registered, you may try to purchase them through GoDaddy or NetworkSolutions, but be prepared to pay much more.

 Some of the mistakes to watch out for:

 - Dashes. It may be tempting to get exactly the domain name you want by adding dashes between the words. For example, you canít get www.WebHostingSummary.com but www.web-hosting-summary.com is available. Donít do it. Dashes are confusing, hard to be found on keyboards, and people who try to search for your site will most likely leave them out.

 - Settling for .org, .net, or .biz domain name. Everyone wants .com domain names and thatís why they are the hardest to get, but donít settle for .org, .net, or .biz and so on. Almost everybody expects .com. For example, if you have the domain name www.webhostingsummary.net odds are someone will type www.webhostingsummary.com while trying to find your .net web site. This mistake may lead your visitors to a competitor. Itís worth taking a second or third choice of name as a first .com choice.

Preparation work:

A domain name search may take lots of prep work. Try to come up with as many variations and name combinations as possible. After you have performed a search, the web hosting company will give you an option to purchase an available domain name. But do not register it yet. Almost all of the web hosting providers listed on our website provide at least one free domain name once you sign up for one of their web hosting packages. This is the easiest way to set up your domain name, since itís all taken care of automatically. However, there are some cases where you may want to register your domain name separately from your web hosting package. For example, you might just want to register a domain name so that no one else can take it; or perhaps your web hosting provider canít register the type of domain name you want, or you want to register a domain name such as webhostingsummary.fr and your web hosting provider is not capable of registering .fr domain names.

So, take your time, come up with a handful of catchy names, use a domain name search tool to find a .com name thatís available, and youíre ready to go!

Domain Name Search Tool: